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Hi, what does this mean?


Work sample status updatet


You are going to have to write a lot more about your question. I have no clue what you are even asking.


I’m guessing he/she is asking what

  • Work sample
  • status
  • update



Let me assume that this is a question a buyer asked you. So it would mean the buyer is asking you why you haven’t sent the sample of the project you were doing. Not sure about the extra “t” in the word update, maybe it’s a new form of quadruplet


this phrase is skill in gigs perfomance


They say a picture paints a thousand words:
It shows you that you updated one of your gig images.


Thank you, just when I was making changes in gigs, I wrote differently, but here it was, and that was interesting how much has changed


The image was for a new gig, so it noted everything I’d done, as well as the gig image update etc. :slightly_smiling_face: