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Hi what is a good way to promote my gig?

Hi how do I promote my gig? is my page ok ? Can someone review me please

Thanks, Jamie Reynolds.


hey welcome to the community…
I did visit your profile…
I think your gig looks great indeed…
Cause it is straightforward about the service that you order…

besides i wouldn’t recommend the unlimited revision as you have only one package(sometime it can be a hassle of course it depends on the buyers)
I would recommend you to create 3 packages and make the unlimited package a premium feature…
Be sure to focus on your related keyword those play a great role fo ranking your gig…

there plenty of articles here in the Fiverr already.
I would recommend you to have a visit…

Best of luck

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I follow this tips, you can also follow this for boosting your accounts and gigs

1st - Active 16+ hours
2nd - Try to send regular 10 Buyer request
3rd - Marketing your gigs in Social Media’s ( - Twitter, Linkedin, Insta etc)
4rth - Read Fiverr forum Tips

Best of Luck

Hope, Get success ASAP

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Thanks akib0079 for reviewing my gig and noticing about my revisions - appreciate !

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Thanks akash_ovi for replying - I understand now being Active is actually important ?

Don’t copy paste the same thing;3
this won’t bring you sells(●’◡’●)

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Yes, Sometimes Buyer looking seller from Online user’s . So I think it’s very important.

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