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Hi,What to do with some suspicious buyers?

Hi All,I have recently faced a situation where a buyer placed the order on my gig and first he asked that its a small job he just want to change the text and he will provide me ai file.I did change the text and uses the same font and delivered him jpg file.He then asked for extra work like putting texture on whole logo i did that as well without even asking an extra $ then he goes the he want space between letters i did that.After that he didn’t reply and after one day he goes he don’t like the logo.he hired another designer.I cancelled the order asap because i don’t want to get a negative review.

Now the question is,does cancellation of orders effects gig’s rating ? and second,what to do these kind of buyers ?

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Please remove the buyer’s name from your post.

I did that.Is it not allowed ?

Thank you - no, no calling out buyers or sellers.

Oh Okay.Thank you for correcting me.Can you please reply my questions?

You’re offering unlimited revisions on your logo gig, so the buyer quite rightly asked for further revisions to be made. Whether those revisions were justified, or should have amounted to extras which should have been paid for is difficult to tell. Therein lies the problem of offering unlimited revisions - you’re asking for trouble.

You did the work, so I’m not sure why you cancelled?

Cancellations do affect gigs, but a mutual cancellation (allegedly!) doesn’t have as much effect as a buyer cancelling a gig.

I cancelled it because i smelled that the buyet is suspicious i could smell from his communication that he gonna give me negative review.

And,It was mutual cancellation.

So you’d rather work for free, and let the buyer have your time and services without paying for them, then risk the possibility of a negative review? This is not a good business strategy.

You can’t please everyone. But you can make sure you get paid for the work that you do. If you keep giving refunds because you fear a negative review, then you’re not going to get very far here on Fiverr. Good sellers deliver work that they are confident in, and work that matches the needs of their buyer. Good sellers are not afraid of possibilities.


True that, Jonbaas. I only had problems with buyers a couple of times, and I always stood by my work. The worst situation was when a client said he wanted to cancel the order. I just said, in other words, "No way. I did the work as requested, no way I won’t get paid.

The result? He didn’t cancel, and gave me a 5 star review.

Don’t bend over backwards, that only makes your life (and eventually all sellers’ lives, if the clients get used to that) miserable.


I like the line… I don’t know why we sellers (most of them) are so afraid of negative review… I do give 3 revisions on my work 4th revision means buyer is giving me extra $5 per revision… bad buyers never come back, they are hunting UNLIMITED revisions…