Hi! When i research my Gigs I don't see them under their category!


I places Gigs of translations service and I don’t see non of them when I search it in the “Search” neither in “Translations” category. Some are English, Spanish Russian to Hebrew, Some are Hebrew to English, Spanish. I neither see them when when i search the key words as just “Hebrew”.

Anybody know where could you see it? Thanks!


When you view a category, there are three tabs at the top of the page. The default tab is “recommended”, the second is “high rated” and “new.” Did you check each of these tabs, or only the default “recommended?”


Thank you for you respond!

I clicked on each of these three, haven’t seen my Gig anywhere!


if you are new, check them in new arrivals.It is also a possibility that you just ignored it in the sea of gigs.It happens more often than you might think.