Hi ya, new here from the UK


I’m introducing myself as I only signed up yesterday and realise their is probably loads to learn!

I am Louisa, been working self-employed for 16 years and freelancing for 6. Back in 2013 I signed up with peopleperhour but after a few years it got very competitive and hard. I’ve heard good things here.

I have only put 1 gig up at the moment, should I put more or should I wait?

Question: Fiverr hasn’t asked about how to pay me yet so I’m guessing that happens when they need to but I just thought they would get info from me first?

Anyway, I look forward to helping fellow Fiverrs out with social media. :+1:


Welcome to Fiverr. Read the forum for tips and there is lots of information in the www.Fiverr.com/Academy. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Will get my head in it lol


welcome to fiver ,


Hello, welcome to Fiverr!


Hi, Louisa!

We’re a colorful bunch here. :hibiscus::relaxed:
Take a look around, and join the discussions.


Hey I thought this would be helpful for you.
You can only create a Pay Pal account after you have recieved an order :blush:


Welcome to fiverr . Wish you all the best :tulip:


Welcome welcome welcome to Fiverr, one of the biggest marketplaces of the world. Just go thoroughly about Fiverr Forum and their Terms of Services. Hope, you will get all your curiosity an end by reading pros and cons of Fiverr.


Thanks everyone, it’s lovely to hear from you all, such a nice place to be :+1:


Welcome to fiverr!:smile: Do enjoy!


Brilliant thanks for that, much appreciated.


welcome to fiverr!
keep in touch with community and keep Rocking!


Welcome! Wish you lots of sales! You can put more gigs. Just make sure that you have read the Terms of Service carefully, e.g. to use different images etc