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Hia website owners/needers, get discount on my jobs


Hia folks,

Are you a website owner? Or do you need a website to be online right now? Or have to change your existing website/WordPress site or any blog? Or are you familiar with doing things related to web or online systems?

If you can say yes for any of above questions, then you are on the right thread. Keep reading…

First I would like to introduce myself. I still a student and following a BSc degree and Actuarial candidate of the Society of Actuaries and also following an external bachelor degree in Information Technology. While I am studying I started to coding some programs. Now I am hosting some websites and also I provide web hosting services.

Okay. Here I am for what, is, introduce a discounting program for you on your fiverr jobs. Do you interest on getting discount(some number of gigs) on your fiverr jobs. Lets start…

You can see my collection here:

All you need to do is click on above link and click the follow button on the collection to follow that collection. Then you are qualified to get discounts when you order some jobs from me. To prevent just following and get discount, I set the plan to discount only if you are following this collection for a month to the date you are getting discounts. So now it is easy to get discounts and save your money more.

Next thing is you need satisfied best results for your job whether it is cheap or not. Sure, you can check my testimonials on my gigs and see what past buyers have told for their completed orders. Okay that’s it.

P.S.: I am familiar with Actuarial Science and also Mathematical Finance related things such as risk analyzes, insurance, stock trading, ping-post systems for lead companies/lead partners(Request me if you are setting up a new lead company). So If you need to develop a system like that rather than developing a website, just request me right now.

Thanks for your time.

Janaka R Rajapaksha.




i will




it next week :slight_smile: sorry for posting it over several comments, iphone screwed up -_-


Reply to @mindcandii: Hi, its okay :slight_smile: