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Hidden gigs? How do gig searches work?

Hi. I’m new to Fiverr, having posted my first gig less than two weeks ago. I was unable to find my gig shortly after I made it active, but I figured that I wasn’t searching correctly. Now, after having searched a bit more, I’m really unclear about how searches work.

As I think about this from the buyers perspective, I would assume that the results returned from a search would include every gig that meets the search criteria, whether it is 20 or 2000 gigs, but that is not what I have found in my own search experience.

I have no expectation that my own gig will be highly visible as I have zero sales, and therefore zero reviews. However, I did assume that if I searched using the criteria that my gig falls under, I would find my own gig somewhere within the search. That seems not to be the case. Can anyone help me understand how gig searches work? Thanks for any clarification you might offer.


Hi there!

Its necessary that you update your SEO and #, which competes with your competitors. This is very important as you may never be seen on Fiverr without using the right tools


Hello, and thanks for your assistance with my question. I had worked with a coach regarding SEO, thinking that it might help. I guess not. When you say I should update SEO, do you mean I should update it already at this point after only 4 days?

Also, what do you mean that I should update the #? I’m not sure what the # is. Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks again!

When you search gigs related to your service, see the tags of those gigs and use that in your gig tags, description and save your gig image with your title keyword.
Voice over category is very competitive, you should create gigs with less competitive keywords.
Like “old man voice over” this keyword only have 75 gigs.

Welcome to the forums. I saw your introduction, and you had mentioned you couldn’t find your profile.

I did a search for ‘professional American male voice over’ and, wow, you have a lot of competition with 2,856 results. (Adding the word ‘record’ in front actually tripled the results.) Using the filters for ‘Male’ and ‘New Seller’ the results dropped to 1,332, but that’s still a lot of pages to look through in an attempt to find your gig. Have you looked at your gig statistics yet? Are you getting impressions?

Wow! I owe you. You obviously did some work on my behalf. Honestly, I thank you. And I am glad I was at least discoverable in the searches, regardless of how buried I am. I had tried searches using every keyword from my gig and selecting both specific and general criteria and I, along with a friend doing similar searches, we’re unable to find me regardless of the number of pages of sellers. Anyway, I cannot thank you enough. I was concerned that I wasn’t even available to be found. Now that I know that I am discoverable, I’ll just have to work on getting more visibility. But that’s not an issue I wish to trouble you with. Again, I am very grateful to you for your help with this matter. Truly.

Er, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but didn’t find your gig through the search. I used URL manipulation to get to your Fiverr profile from your forum profile, so I could see your gig and know what to search for. It was also right before I logged off for the night, so I didn’t have time to look through 1000+ gigs. That’s why I asked about your statistics. If you’re getting a decent number of ‘impressions’ then you’ll know if your gig is appearing in the search, even if you can’t find it.

(Also, I had a few pointers for your gig, but you should make a thread in the “Improve My Gig” category, so that I"ll not go off topic here.)

Use those keyword who people search.
Sppose you add this keyword
I will design Professional Attractive unique logo in 12 hours
in this sentence logo is keyword but as a new seller use low competetion keyword.
like minimalist logo, Flat logo, Versatile Logo etc.
I hope you got my point.’