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Holiday Greeting and @annai80




Good catch!


Just jumped out at me.


What are the chances of a meksell? :rofl:


About 1 in 3 unfortunately. LOL. No I get what you are saying. I am about ready to hire a whiteboard person to do the story that needs to be told:

"This is Zed
Zed lives in Dirtsylvania
Zed has no skills but wants to mek money
Zed finds a flyer that says
Mek Sells EZ on Feverr.

Zed gets busy making 3 accounts
2 from the US and 1 from the UK
He copies some gig descriptions…
Posts profile pic of Taylor Swift and…

Immediately posts to the forum…

Have ben on Fever 20 minutes now…
not mek sel…pleas get me sells.

Ultimately, Zed gets banned, but sure as the sun rises the next day…
So does “Jed” from…Dirtsylvania.

I am ready to narrate it, may buy it for the crew as a Holiday Present.


I felt being more cryptic was a better idea!


Great minds huh? A pint for my friend with the patience of a saint. Now, why disable my account you admin you?


what’s that :joy::hugs:


Please hire me Mike So I can Mek Sels.


It doesn’t look like anyone caught it there.

Was this intentional though or an amazing coincidence. :smiley: x 1000000


Let me know if you need help with the character design for Zed. :wink:


Would be fun, we probably need a writer to clean it up.