High completion and satisfaction scores


Hello there

When I try to turn on AVAILABLE NOW feature it shows this message >>>> High completion and satisfaction scores<<<<

any one have an idea about this
Thank you


It’s a bug, I believe. Apparently the same message is showing for everyone.

The feature was a beta feature in the first place, so maybe they’ll fix it, maybe not.


Thank you for your reply


Same problem in here.


I am also seeing the same issue on my end as well, Did any one get any response from Fiverr support on this?


I just got level 1 batch… i also see this :frowning:


same problem here :frowning:


same problem , any solution ?


This is not a bug when you get lot of cancellation or get low rating with any order you get this one !!


i have no any cancelled order but its showing me also. why?


Iam also facing the same problem but anyone knows, when they fix it


Yeah, i think so :neutral_face:


I’m also facing the same problem :frowning:


same Problem, any one find solution ?


I have the same problem here. No canceled orders, 100% orders completed and delivered on time, level 1 seller, and now I see the “High completion and satisfaction scores” error not allowing me to enable Available Now.


Same problem :confused: Any solution?


Opened a ticket with CS, here’s the reply.

Rena (Fiverr Customer Support)

Apr 27, 6:18 PM EDT

Hi Dave,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the current status of your Available Now feature. This feature is currently in the Beta stage of development and is temporarily unavailable while our Development Team works on the feature. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Man, they should really make an announcement or something when they take stuff offline.
Imagine how many unnecessary support tickets it would save…

AVAILABLE NOW Option not working properly

I’m having the same issue:
X High completion and satisfaction scores

My order completion rate is 93%, rating 4.8, on-time delivery 100%, response rate 99%, is this not high enough? Makes no sense.


Even I I am having same issue. (No cancellation or no low rating)


It’s a beta feature and buggy. I have all relevant stats at 100/5 and yet it’s intermittently on and off for me. I don’t use it as it seems very beta, I don’t need it to ruin my response rate.