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High demand,least competition

Which gig is having high demand,least competition and high payment?Just to know. Is it voice over?plz rply

Why? So you can make a gig in something you aren’t proficient in?

And if someone had this information, they wouldn’t give it away to.their competition!

We aren’t here to do your market research for you or to help you sell things you aren’t proficient in.

If you want to know this stuff, put the work in. I didn’t work at this to give it away to people so they can outrank me…


Doctors are always in high demand, and are paid well to compensate their years of rigorous medical training. Anything medical field, really, construction, truck driving…

If you want to equate that to something on Fiverr… Not much.

Demand drives competition. Therefore skill is in high demand.


Why would a successful seller that found a winning niche with few competitors give you his secret and gain a competitor? Plus, as my other forum colleagues said, why would you try to sell something that you are not proficient in? This sounds like a recipe for failure.

Stop trying to find the easy way in and instead focus on creating the best gigs you can and promote your business. That is, if you want to have a future here as a successful seller.


Thank you.

I’m tired of Fiverr sellers selling things just because hey think it will sell, even if they aren’t proficient.

Why is it such a weird concept that maybe people buy something from you… Because you’re good at it?

Weird concept I know!

And we all know we’d get complaints in the forum about the gig they are not proficient in not selling.


@leenamma - you may want to refer to this thread to discover how to make more sales …


I know a niche like that: it’s called minfulness. There is a high demand for it, so that everybody can prove their true skills; least competition, as it’s a lonely and hard work; high payment, because after that, you will find your way to be in life (and hopefully, in business).
To be clear: I’m not suggesting you to start teaching it, but to ask yourself what your truly skills are and then work on that to be successfull.