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High demand, low competition gigs?

Anyone think they have or know of a high demand and low competition gig? They seem to have all been picked.

I offer whiteboard animation which is high demand and medium to high competition but can’t seem to find better.

What are your opinions :wink:


Any ideas since you wrote this?

He hasn’t been back for 3 years, and the account doesn’t exist any more, so I’m guessing he didn’t! :grinning:


You deserve the Sherlock Holmes award :wink:

Profile link says: This page is no longer available. :stuck_out_tongue:


Too bad!! It was an interesting question! :slight_smile:

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A really GOOD website designer could do well here.


Yes, but it’s also having very HIGH competition gigs.

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I agree with @misscrystal, website designers could do very well but they need to find a way to develop a visual portfolio. Most of the ones I see tend to have stock images of websites or take them from places like Weebly and Wix. Those images completely turn me off.

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I create mockup videos for site designers (off-fiverr). I use after effects to display sites they’ve built.
I haven’t seen anyone offering that on Fiverr, but it takes a while if the designer doesn’t send me images of the site from desktop or laptop, phone and tablet, then I have to do images myself.
I don’t see a way for me to scale that down for the fiverr-market, but it’s something to think about.

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I agree and I have been looking on google and all of the posts give ideas for gigs that are highly competitive by now…

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I see designing logos now is in trending. Huge demand for this service.

I can only see buyer requests related to my gigs, but I’d say that there’s plenty of work for Wordpress developers. I’m talking about actual developers not $5 gigs that offer demo installation :slight_smile:

Wordpress is the most popular platform amongst small business owners & bloggers and that’s the kind of audience Fiverr attracts. While it’s easy to set up Wordpress, it requires knowledge and experience to customize it to match your brand and create custom functionality.

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I have to say, I love these kind of questions, they make me laugh. Why don’t people asking this say what it is they really want?
“Has anyone got a lamp with a genie inside who can give me untold wealth for little to no work?”


People are asking what’s the easiest gig that pays well, but they are not even concerned if they can do the job or not :slight_smile:


Google/Alphabet was founded on the principle that if the product is good enough we will find a way to make money from it - Now worth $100bn

These guys try to set up on the principle that if someone else is making money on something then I can too - Future worth $TBC.

It remains to be seen which philosophy will be more successful.


yeah but lately, most demand is for Drupal websites and I dont see many gigs about drupal ( i am talking about the great drupal developers)… So I think they are the ones who will succeed here, easily.

Buyer requests are customized to each seller. I haven’t seen a single Drupal request because I don’t offer this service myself.
There are more Wordpress related requests because its market share is much bigger, but you might be right because Drupal probably has a lower competition on Fiverr.


I’m a professional Wix designer and unfortunately I don’t post my finished product because of people stealing my images and other things of that sort.

So yes - So many generic images which is why my gig image is not a Wix website but rather a service offer!

Wix is a pretty decent category - they host over 100 million users and many turn to Fiverr for help.

Maybe there is something you know how to do but you havent offered it because it was just to obvious for you…
With my exwife we built one of fiverr´s most successful profiles with web seaching services…

Thats why i think this is a relevant question…