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High demand, low competition gigs?

any ideas sine you wrote these

There is nothing high demand low competition to my knowledge.

This post is from 2014!


I love your dedication. You feel how I feel.

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Thank you for your advice.

To be fair he is not responding to thin air, there was a post before him recently were this funny guy put a link to his blog where he claims he found magic GD GIGs that guarantee sales in 1 day. So he is actually responding to that post that was erased together with mine where I called his post bologna.

I like to think Iā€™m my own competition.

Choose micro niche
Ex - Church Flyer design


To tell about me initially i created many gigs which are not related to one another and kept changing gigs whichever skill iam good at then finally got some sales so i kept those of my rare fiver skill is nunchaku which is chinese kungfu weapon only 3 gigs you will find on fiverr including mine