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High demand ,low competition gigs

I am new to fiverr and not really working in a particular niche either.I am doing everything half assed.I was wondering if anybody know about any high demand low competition gigs.I really need to learn something to start earning.

Most people recommend graphics because it is in high demand and most newbies start from there but my problem is i can use photoshop,illustrator etc but i cant think of a design.I can copy one make modifications but no i cant think of an original design

Thanks in anticipation


Well, in that case, you’re not a designer, but it’s great you’ve decided that before you start! :slightly_smiling_face:

For more info please see this post:

By realising you can’t do something, you’re halfway to deciding what you can do. You’ve got some gigs up already - what’s wrong with offering them?


This is so harsh!!! I know exactly what you mean. I think we would all love to find the magic formula.

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I would worry more about playing to your strengths. What are you good at? Can you turn that into a commodity? Can you sell it? You’ll find it’s easier to distinguish yourself (even in a saturated market) when you bring something unique to the table. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing or do not have the will to learn more about it, you’re not going to deliver a stellar product no matter what you do.


Hi, Rose! Did you mean @Offlinehelpers comment was harsh, the inserted post or the OP?
Could you clarify, please. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow I have never seen someone ever openly admitting that and asking to be pointed to the nearest low-hanging fruit at the same time.

You are not a designer. Steer clear of that category. You will fail.

Think about something you are good at.
Or something you would love to get paid to do.

And work your way from either of those points.


I meant @offlinehelpers comment.

Hmm, OK! I’ve read her comment and didn’t get harsh vibes. @offlinehelpers is always helpful and she wouldn’t deliberately say anything to hurt a user(s) feelings. Her comment was based on the facts OP presented.

The OP clearly has strong doubts about his/her talents.


She wasn’t harsh in her comment. She was just honest and helpful.

Everyone should offer something that they are best in. And not to work on something because everyone is doing that, or because it is popular.

Always offer your best work.


Sorry if you misinterpreted my intentions - I was actually being anything but ‘harsh’. I’d rather chew my own hand off than be unkind to a complete stranger.

The OP’s been sensible in realising there’s no point in offering something they can’t do comfortably - I simply acknowledged this. :sunny:


@offlinehelpers Sorry if I misunderstood and thanks for explaining. @arty182925 @nikavoice It was just the way I perceived the comment; it seems I was wrong.


No problem and thank you! :sunny::slightly_smiling_face:


Ahhhh. I feel much better now! :smile::sunny:


Hi, Rose! :rose:

Sometimes words are perceived wrong, heck we’ve all done it. I’m guilty as charged! :smiley: So, no worries and here’s a :hugs:. I hope you have a lovely Sunday. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You too :kissing_heart: