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High expectations for video quality?

Is it just me, or does it seem as though the standards for video quality on Fiverr have increased tremendously? I made a new gig, but for the life of me I can’t get the video approved. It’s about the same quality as my other videos, not the best, but better than a lot of videos I have seen on here quality wise.

Do you need a high quality camera now or something just to get a a video accepted? I don’t want to invest money in just to use a camera for 5 to 10 videos. I don’t offer a testimonial or anything and it’s very clear what I offer in the video, any ideas to increase the chances of my video getting accepted? I had no problems in the past, well a little bit of one but not as much as I am having now.


Was that your reason for the gig being rejected?

Maybe it wasn’t the quality and was something else?

Well, I contacted Fiverr CS to see what the specific reason might have been. As far as I am aware, the only explanation would be the video quality, which is weird becuase there is much worse videos uploaded recently than the one I have. I’ll see what tehy say.

Generally, if the video is declined they just send out a generic message as to why. I used to get personalized reasons, but now it’s just the same message and they recommended I fix it, but didn’t really tell me the issue just numerous things that could have been the issue. Basically it says either low video quality, the video isn’t owned by me(which it obviously is, as it’s me.), or doesn’t represent the service I am offering(which can’t be it, as it’s exactly the same title in the video as well as in the text.)

If quality is the issue, maybe you could try using your cell phone to shoot video for it. If you have an iPhone or decent Android phone (or know someone from whom you could borrow one), then you can actually get quite good quality videos from those. You can even edit it directly on your device with apps that are free or cost a few dollars. Having good lighting has a huge effect on quality, so it is best to shoot outside on a mildly overcast day; this way you have bright light from the sun, but it is diffused a bit by clouds so you don’t get hard shadows. You might have already known all of this, and this might not be the help you were looking for, but if quality is your issue, then this could solve your problem.

Also, in your video, did you mention that you are offering this exclusively on Fiverr?

I actually ended up buying a camera of lesser cost but with more light and slightly better quality and it got accepted. I had did videos before with never so much of an issue. They aren’t the best of quality, but if I am not selling something that requires me to make a video for them, I don’t see the issue.

This camera has so much better lighting. Quality isn’t that much different, but it seems to be more specifically made for what I needed it for. I don’t think i’ll have issues in the future… I just I guess don’t think they like a little grain in a video? No idea.

As long as I don’t have issues in the future for my other videos on my other new gigs I am prepping i’ll be happy.

Yeah, I also mention the exclusively on Fiverr aspect. I think it might just simply be an auto-decline based on a certain level of quality now or maybe even the video format.

Either way, I got it accepted finally. It actually looked better the other way but hey, oh well.

It’s odd you had that issue in the first place. If it’s an automated quality check, then it sounds from your story like something needs to be adjusted on Fiverr’s end. But congratulations on getting it figured out!

I have been on Fiverr long enough to just kind of expect this kind of stuff. As long as I don’t have an issue with my other gig videos I should be all ready to go with my new camera. Once these new gig videos are up on my new gigs I am working on, it will probably not be until quite a few months later before I decide to update the videos again. I planned on going as HD as I can get if my plans for my new structure on Fiverr work out well enough and I see a more steady viability for the future. Thanks!