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High Impression but little to no clicks

Hello all,

I need professional advice on my gig.
I use to have about 7 orders in queue in 2019 but ever since I verified my Account, my gig was pushed to back page. I post my gigs on Social media everyday and I’m always online checking buyer request but I don’t get messages and my gig still remained at the back page. It’s more than a year now.

Because I’m very active, I have impressions of up to 5k, 4.7k, infarct all my gigs impression are above 4k but my clicks are just 3, 4, 5 and no messages.

How can I fix that because I’m getting depressed as a mum of two and I took time to learn my skill well and perfect in it.


Hi @annevideo

If you have good impressions, it means that you have correct tag and your gigs is visible on people browser.
BUT less click, it means that your gigs thumbnail failed to make ppl click your gig.
Suggestions: Try to improve your thumbnail more attractive to buyer.


Hello @ridwansugi thank you so much for this explanation but I’m lost on the part you talked about Thumbnail.

Could you please explain what you mean by Gig thumbnail and how I can improve it to be more attractive.

Thanks again


hello, The attractive gig is must be important image, price, title. anyone has seen the gig but not to be a click.
try to create an attractive gig.

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Hi @annevideo
I just check your profile…, and it seems that overall is good.
and you already leveled seller with more than 80 order.
So…, it means that your gigs is working…

Maybe it’s because of the pandemic, people doesn’t need this kind of service yet?
Have you check your competitor? Did they still have many orders?
Or maybe it’s time for you to update the first video/image you use for your gigs (thumbnail)


Thank you for checking my profile. I really appreciate that.
I recently created a catchy gig video just about 2 months ago and yes, my competitors are having orders in queue and even my former editor I taught Fiverr and helped put through gets order in queue and wonder why I’m not receiving orders.

A few established sellers have spoken of how it has stopped for them.

I think that with spamdemic and e(better spell this right)lections people feel discombobulated and therefore are changing behabitors. Particulationaly with spendulation so are de-ecsalating the amounts they monify outward.

This comes at the very time that lost people have rushed into deciding to be exceedingly low paid freelancers so suddenly all Gigs are $5, no matter the awfulness of the qualitative experience.

Just look at the dive that BR took. They were always rather ropey but now most of them are totally insane in expectation for what can be done for little to (even) no money.

Maybe you didn’t do anything wrong as such, merely that the market changed. The bubble popped.


Yes…, I agree…,
I got similar experience 5 years ago…, when expert online marketing selling ebook was booming.
Suddenly…, the market is gone…,

Right now…, the world is in Chaos, ppl start freelancing…, lots of new seller with crazy price.
Still…, professional buyer will looking for a proffesional seller too. That is why 5 star rating is very important.