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High impression but no orders

Hello am a level 1 seller on fiverr and i would be happy to have some tips form professional
I have a very good impressions i think like 700 impression every day but still no orders and am facing another problem that my gig started to fall in rank


Maybe tweak your gig? Check your gig images, are they attractive? Is your gig video short and precise? Would anyone actually click on you gig? When they do, would they actually see what they want? Is your Description detailed? Are you making use of FAQ? Answers these questions, put them to use and there might be positive changes. Might be new to Fiverr, definitely not to freelancing.

Wish you well in your Fiverr journey!


Hope it’s an issue with GIG description and Pricing,
In my opinion if you have good number of clicks, obviously your GIG image is well good.
But somehow buyer loose interest from your GIG.
Look at your GIG what’s need to change.
Consider your mind as a buyer.
Hope you get your order soon…

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I’m with the others here.

Maybe it is time to give your Gigs an extreme makeover.

I’ve been making changes to mine periodically since Christmas.

Today, I’ve been working on keyword placement and rewriting some of the Gig descriptions.

You have to be proactive on Fiverr.

Jobs don’t just magically appear because you have a ton of competition trying to attract the same customers as you.


Thank you very much i really appreciate your reply

I really appreciate your help also thank you for the fast reply I’ll take all your tips and make use of it … wish you the best of luck