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High impressions, low conversion


Drawing a blank here. Currently I have a gig in the new Short Video Ad section that is doing ok, but the impressions jumped and I realized I was now being listed near the top.

However, the order themselves have not increased, so I think I am doing something wrong with conversions. I have a couple of ideas, but thought I would reach out to the community and see if you have any additional pointers.

Thank you.


same here. Impressions have increased for some gigs but no sales. :confused:


Impressions are registered when your gig shows up in user search results, or when someone loads the category page that your gig is listed on. This stat only records user behavior, and has nothing to do – specifically – with your gig. Someone could be looking for another gig, and your gig just happens to be listed on that page. It doesn’t confirm that people actually SEE your gig, just that it exists in search results.

Clicks refers to anytime that a user – while they are ON FIVERR – clicks on your gig image in search results or on your category page. This stat tells you a lot about your gig specifically. If your clicks are notable, then it lets you know that people are seeing your gig in the listings, and they want to learn more. This stat establishes whether or not your gig is interesting to Fiverr buyers.

Views are registered any time someone visits your gig page. This includes both online visits (so the Clicks stat is usually part of this number), as well as any traffic coming to your gig from other sources – namely from off-Fiverr. So, if this number is higher than Clicks, you know that you’re getting traffic from elsewhere. This stat can tell you how well your other marketing is doing.

Conversions refers to anytime someone clicks onto your gig page, and actually makes a purchase. This stat can tell you how appealing your prices are. If conversions are low, this likely means that people are visiting your gig, but something about your prices or the presentation of your gig (description, packages, etc) doesn’t appeal to those visitors. This let’s you know that you could probably change how your gig looks. If you have high conversions, then this means that your gig is awesome, and people love what you are offering.


Humble opinion…it’s your gig video. Fifteen seconds elapses before your excellent bakery scene rolls. Everything up until that looks amateurish (especially, but not only, the on-screen fonts)

Eight seconds is the half life of the average website. At that mark half of your site traffic has disappeared, on average. So I assume that I have 8 seconds at the beginning of a video to 1.) Explain my USP (unique selling proposition) and 2.) Demonstrate excellence.

Start your video with the bakery scene, perhaps, then after a few seconds of it, lay out what you’re offering. The bakery scene is good enough - very good actually - to buy you some time with your viewers so you can tell them plainly what you’re offering.

Best of success to you.


Of course! Apply the same rules I use for client videos to my own! Thank you.

I guess it one of those things like the IT Guy’s computer is always broken, or the electrician’s house outlets never work. You either don’t take the time or don’t apply the same care to your own stuff.

I will rework it and let you know how it goes.


I put up a new video and it immediately helped my conversion rate. The new video has clips in this order:

  • An attention getting “Short Ads Grab Attention” - 3 seconds
  • bread demo video - 12 seconds
  • Attention getting “Custom Short Ads…” - 3 seconds
  • Actual delivered client video, backpack - 12 seconds
  • Fruit demo video - 6 seconds
  • Yoga Pants client video - 12 seconds
  • Original cheesy intro, with changed fonts and a different background instead of the clouds (I wanted it mainly for the thumbnail)
  • Close with an Exclusively on Fiverr quick logo reveal segment

Now I just need to learn how to better manage all of the incoming requests in my inbox, and figure out what to raise rates to. It is too much work for what I charge right now.

Thank you everyone and especially @selfors