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High Impressions, low Views. Where's the Issue?

So on October 1 I got 156 Impressions & 7 views only on my main gig. Which made me thinking if my gig is not attractive to the buyers navigating the search results.

So I was thinking, where’s the issue? I believe that my Gig pictures are poorly made as I did them by myself with no experience at all. Should I hire someone create attractive ones or are they doing the job?

I really need to know your opinions if you were buyers. Could you please take a minute from your time to check out the outer view of my main gig? Will you be interested as a buyer to check it out while other gigs taking place? Or at least, take it as a second option?

I just need to gather other perspectives regarding my gig because if it ain’t that attractive, maybe it’s time to brainstorm another catchy title and hire a professional to create my gig images :confused:

Thank you for your precious time.


Hello @youssefkamel. Good to “see” you again. One issue may be the picture of yourself. I know you said you are 15 and I am proud of you for your zeal and success at such a young age. I am wondering if since you are young and your picture looks so young, if the fact of you being young puts some people off? Maybe have an image drawn by an artist that makes you look older? I have thought of changing my profile picture in that way because my pictures are only snapshots friends have taken and maybe I need to look more professional. :nerd_face:


I’m happy to see you too Ms.@vickiespencer :smiley:
Maybe that’s why? :thinking: My profile Image was actually taken while I was 13 years of age. Much younger & maybe this is the reason behind it.

Thank you so much for your advice, It actually didn’t cross my mind at all that this might be one of the reasons. I’ll try to find someone who can do what you mentioned above. Hopefully, things will be better.
Have a nice day Ms.@vickiespencer! :rainbow:

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You are welcome, maybe just an updated picture of an older you would do it.

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@youssefkamel brother also try to share your gig on other social media this will increase your gig impression and your gig comes at top of search :slight_smile:

Impression and views are totally different. Impression is what the other seller is also getting. But views is something that a few seller is getting

I don’t want to increase my gig impressions. My question was if my gig is not attractive from the outer view because I got high impressions but low views. So I wanted to know what other members think so I could start working on changing it.

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