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High Number Of Impressions Average Clicks But Less Orders: Suggestions?

Hi All, Need Suggestions from Senior Members:

if you have high numbers of impressions + Average Click But Less Orders then should do to get more orders.


Think of it from the perspective of the buyer.

  1. The impressions is the number of people who see your gig in the search results. If this is high it probably means your seo and tags are working well.

  2. Clicks are just the number of the people who click through from those search results. If this is high it means your gig image and title is probably good. If its lower than expected then these may need to be tweaked.

  3. Orders. If the customer has already seen and clicked on your gig and they don’t order then that means there is probably a problem somewhere on the page. Perhaps the gig isn’t exactly what the buyer is looking for. Perhaps the images don’t look like the service the buyer is looking for. Perhaps the price or description is putting the buyer off.

Look at the gig page from the perspective of a buyer and see what changes you can make that may improve the gig. Also bear in mind that the conversion rate probably won’t be very high. Many buyers will click on a couple of different results from their search results and compare the gigs before ordering.

Good luck with your gig!

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How do I tweak my gigs? Thanks!

valuable comments thanks