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High performance gig is not appearing on search and fiverr is not helping

Hello guys, my self Deb, I am a level 2 seller in Fiverr, I got over 260 reviews, with an overall rating of 5, in particular, gig, 250+ reviews over 240 reviews are 5 stars,4.9 ratings, Delivery on time, responds rate all are 100, order complications 98%, with that amount of stats my gig is not even appearing on a search where it used to be, even if I applied filters, I can’t see my account gigs. I did not violence any rules in fiverr, but my gig is not appearing, People with reviews and feedback! appearing in search! I can’t even find my gig! Please help me! I worked really hard on it!

Fiverr is not providing any kind of valid support, saying it’s random and giving tips to improve stats, people with good performing gigs will be before you. they did even checked my account and stats.\

Please help me guys