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High-Price Project Requests


Hello and good day:

I have been fielding requests for various projects that are beyond a simple gig price and I was curious how to steer/direct these buyers into purchasing my services.

I understand that my level (0) restricts from certain multiple offerings. I want to check to be sure that I could something like the following:

Buyer wants a project whose cost is $500+

– I organize an agreement that includes the terms of service with Fiverr, and provide a project timeline that includes several milestones to, say, have the buyer purchase in chunks of $20(4 gigs x $5/gig) and hold software within my possession but allow the buyer to collaborate.

– A milestone completes, they mark the work complete, and they purchase the next 4 gigs, etc., until the project is complete.

I want to assure the above is the correct way for me to go about high-price projects while at my level.

My experience as a developer is vast, and while I certainly have items that can be provided with a very fast turnaround and for a very low price, I’m consistently receiving interest from buyers who want work that is honestly nowhere close to $20.

I was just curious as to any guidance anyone could offer.

I also did not see a particular portal through the support request form, so I did not want to bug anyone in support on this matter just yet.