High pricing Logo designers let's have some discussion


Guys, I have a gig with Logo design at 30$. thing is I’ve been here in fiverr from January. I was on Logo design websites I still am, did Logo design at minimum 100$/logo. here on fiverr this is bothering me to offer that same work at just 30$! I don’t know how people doing just in 5$. my question is if I offer my Gig on 100$ will I get orders? As my point of view most buyers are looking for cheap prices,I could be wrong.

If any high pricing Logo designers are here let’s have a conversation.


You don’t need to get bothered.
Just put your prices and that’s it.
If you get orders or not, that you will discover after a while… nobody here can tell you, in your business, which prices you should offer.


yeah! fiverr has given freedom to set any price on our own, I just want to know how high price designers doing here, so I can have some idea.


You saw it already on your own.
Just do some research.
Only thing I would say:
If you’re already not willing to sell your work for $30. You will have a problem in selling: you’ve stated that some "sell Logos for $5"
How do you want to fight against your competition? By selling for $100?
That’s your prerogative, you value your work and put your prices.
Time will say if you did right or wrong.


Fiverr is full of people that will offer everything for 5$ but the real thing that’s not at all original. Every person who can draw a circle or square call himself a designer now and get signed up of fiverr. So when you have thousands of free templates on your pc, making a logo is just the course of changing a name and colors. So 5$ is okay for that.
Still the designers who are working honestly and design original logos right from the scratch can’t afford it within 5$. They just CAN’T and it’s obvious that 5$ are not worth for all the hard-work. Cheap designers surely have made the competition very tough but there still are buyers who are keen on finding REAL designers.
I can just wish you Good Luck in finding them. But I don’t think you’ll make much of the sales with 100$ as price tag, or even 30$. By the way, be optimistic :wink: It’s better to work just for once and get 100$ rather than working for 20 different people and then get paid for 100$. Cheers.


exactly, I have been designing logo from more than 3 years. I have bunch of templates or just say many vectors can be use. whenever I design Logo I put my all effort in it. first I imagine how could be logo,then add creativity that differentiate Logo apart from all. revision doesn’t bother me because I always willing to my client have satisfaction. so here it really feel that I’m getting less bucks for my efforts, I did 2 logos so far here in 25$ which is 20$ for me after fiverr cut.