High Quality 3D Architectural Model and Visualisation!


Images: http://imgur.com/w9j79pb,UL2SnkY,yAJa48W,RJDI4qW,kvsB1OF,jJUlPhy,X5dSjGJ,7LKd6DW

I will make almost any architectural/object 3D model with precise dimentions according to a plan you provide.

I can texture models, render, and make a 3D mapping for any 2D image to turn it into 3D.

Why would you choose my hourle? That’s what you always ask yourself.

3D modelling is an expensive industry, esspecially in architecture, a 3D model for a textured building is no less than 50$! A simple empty warehouse model can cost 200$!

Please see this pricing affiche: http://www.katsbits.com/articles/how-much-should-i-charge-for-freelance-3d-modeling-work.php

However, I offer alot less price for your 3D modelling, starting from 30$ only, starting from simple structures like the examples above!

Also, every time you choose my hourlie, even before you make your order, I will make a part of the work and show you a sample, so you can be sure of the quality or the job and if that’s what you need or not, that way, you will not loose anything! Infact, you’ll be able to know what are you going to get from me, before you even spend any money, nothing to loose here! & if you like the work, we can proceed!

I hope that you consider my offer!

Thank you for time!

Best wishes :slight_smile:

Images: http://imgur.com/w9j79pb,UL2SnkY,yAJa48W,RJDI4qW,kvsB1OF,jJUlPhy,X5dSjGJ,7LKd6DW


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