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High volume buyers

I am a buyer.
I buy small AutoCAD modeling (10-20 USD) gigs.
I use to buy a lot and after a year of absence, i am starting again.

This time, I know it going to be at least 700 gigs in 2021.
Is everyone on fiverr pay the same fees?
Is there a route for high volume buyers?

thank you for any reply


The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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I would suggest placing bulk orders to get your order amount over $50 to avoid the additional $2 small order fee on orders under $50.

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Welcome back, and yes Fiverr did up their fees recently. Many here on the forums suspect/speculate that it’s to encourage larger purchases. As you’re looking for frequent small orders, all you can really control is factoring in the slight increase into the budget. Alternatively, as suggested in the previous post, try to gather more work to do at once so that you can place larger (and more cost effective) orders. You might also consider looking into Milestone orders, though they have their own issues.


Perhaps signing up for Fiverr Business will be of help to you.

As far as I know, the only special thing Fiverr has for buyers is V.I.D. V.I.D. is a manual process, though. Of course, if you buy a lot, you could possibly hope to be promoted to that.

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This is information on the V.I.D program.