Higher Level Sellers should be able to withdraw their earnings in under 2 weeks


Why do we have to wait two weeks after a gig has been delivered and has positive feedback. Seems like a long time to wait, especially when you need the money. It’s a pain.


Seems like you have a point, Im sure it has something to do with something we dont now.lol…If that makes any sense.


As far as I am aware the limit is more there to make sure that the person who is paying has enough money in there account to pay. This is what I have heard though whether it is correct or not I don’t know :slight_smile:


See I completely agree with this statement. I am a level 2 and I hate this incredible wait for my money to be available. I sent a ticket in and was told that it would be pushed to the big wigs. Any of you guys get a similar response?


It is a bit inconvenient to wait so long time to receive the profit from a gig that has been already delivered and rated by the buyer.

Still, I presume that Fiverr needs to verify the payment and make sure that it will not be refunded by the buyer, prior to sending the money to us. Still, it would be very good if they can make the wait period a bit shorter.


If the buyer is using paypal then there should be no need for a wait of two weeks, from what I can tell it is just there to improve Fiverr’s cashflow as a company.

Would be nice if this feature was implemented for higher level members, though I somehow doubt it will.


I totally agree!

2 weeks is just too much of a long time to wait for $4 to clear, it should ideally clear instantly, or at the worst a few days, why 2 weeks? that is a hell of a long time to wait for $4!,

I assume Fiverr will earn interest on their money within those 2 weeks before they let it clear, we work for fiverr as well as customers, but fiverr is the one who gets all the money as well as the interest earned within 2 weeks. It doesn’t seem to be fair for us providers.

I would probably create better gigs and work harder if the money I earned cleared instantly.

it would be fair if we can have the money cleared instantly without having to wait at all.

at the moment there is no fairness with this 2 weeks of waiting, it benefits them only.

now here is the big question

What can we all do about this?

how can we get our message accross to Fiverr?




I also agree to this point. 14 days would make me more pain with my needs. I have to spend money on my house next month, but I have to wait until my money cleared out.

If Fiverr can lower this 14day clearance period to atleast 7days, That would be a fantastic, super, great and of course awesome decision.

What You Think Fiverr Admins? Would You Consider This?





Whether you’re a number 1, 2 or no number at all, everyone on Fiverr, needs and wants their funds faster. I understand how you feel, but showing favoritism in paying per level, isn’t the way to handle this. Either we all wait, or we all get paid faster.


Reply to @jaibee123: I can not agree with you anymore! spot on.


The Fiverr forum is brand new and this topic, in numerous forms is everywhere already!

We’d all like shorter withdraw times but I just don’t see it happening any time soon. The old saying is ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ and Fiverr has been doing this since day 1 so I think it’s going to stick.

There’s probably numerous reasons why Fiverr does this, clearing times. (So people don’t decide to make a dispute after a week). Gigs that require mailing time, etc, etc. Only the Fiverr upper staff knows the reasons. But the thing is, if one of the reasons is for gigs that require mail delivery… well, you can’t have a 2 week wait for one person and not the other. Make sense? It has to be everyone playing by the same rules.

I will add this. Again, yes. The first 2+ weeks suck. But, if you can get a few gigs going, and steady, after 2 weeks money will clear every day and it won’t matter. Plus, you can stop your gigs completely and still have money coming in 2+ weeks after you’re done. That’s the one plus.


Yes I really agree!

please fiverr short it for 1 week maybe :wink:

2 weeks is too long


I’ve always agreed with this but then I realised something…

To be paid by Amazon you have to wait 60 days. To be paid by Google AdSense you have to wait 60 days (I think, off the top of my head). Some companies that I write for have a 15-30 day wait to receive your earnings. There’s only one that I know of with a 7-day turnaround as long as you are over a set threshold.

I’m not defending Fiverr as 14 days is excessive, especially when you have proven to be a trustworthy seller - other similar sites offer a week at the most - but there are other places where you wait a longer period to be able to receive your earnings.


I’ll add my name to the list of people who wish the clear time would be lowered.

7 days is quite long in my opinion, especially for those of us who have proven ourselves by getting LV2 or Super Seller status.


Yeah, it’s a long wait.

Why it takes forever to clear the funds according to Fiverr Support:

"Because of the credit card processing time, and bank account data entry."

Usually, I believe most banks in the US[not sure of offshore banks] to perform data entry on bank accounts after 4 PM, and usually it takes a bit of time for statements to show up on your bank account when purchased with credit card. So, kinda doesn’t make sense, but I believe Fiverr wants to play it safe.

+1 Like for the rant / suggestion … we all want our money faster!


I think a system like

Level 1 sellers 10 days

Level 2 sellers 7 days

This could be great in my opinion :slight_smile:


Reply to @sk8tavou: I like your system directly :slight_smile:


Reply to @sk8tavou: That’s nice, 10 days still a bit too long though :confused:


Reply to @aingham69: I believe you’re refering to the Net 60, Net 30, Net 15 etc system?

If that’s the case, Net 15 means that Fiverr will pay seller in full on or before the 15th calendar day of when the orders were fully delivered.

But these systems refer to certain calendar dates (ie Net 15 = payment for Nov 1 - Nov 15th will be paid on Nov 30th etc), while Fiverr doesn’t.


Reply to @thefacebookgeek: I hate that payment system, I like to be paid when I want to, or when I meet minimum to payout earnings.