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Higher Rank = Lower Support

I’m a huge advocate on Fiverr, but I find that as I progress in rank, the customer support is less and less of a pleasant experience. When I originally joined (with no orders), I received quick and friendly customer support. It was a fantastic experience and I even remember the names of both reps who assisted me. They were awesome!

As I progressed to level one, the customer support was still okay, but response time was super slow. No problem. I understand Fiverr is a large and growing platform. I was patient.

Recently, I hit level two (Woohoo!). What excited me most was the Fiverr Level description that said: “Priority Customer Support”. I thought, “Hey, this would be a perfect opportunity to build my freelance business through a company that believes and supports their hardest workers.” Quite the contrary. It almost feels like they are annoyed or irritated. I’ve sent a total of 3 maybe 4 requests in a little over two months, which I don’t think is too much.

I won’t rant for too long.

Just wondering if anyone else experienced the same?


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I’ve made reports before but never really like the way they handle support. They just always responded with a message that saying they have reviewed my concern and will action on it but they wont be able to tell me what the action is for “some” reason. And it’s always like that. That’s the end of the support ticket.

Agreed. Either a generic response or lack of interest.

Funny enough, as sellers, one of our requirements to progress is providing “exceptional customer service”. It should go both ways. @khryzstine

If you are looking for consistency, not going to fine it at CS. One moment you get good support and the next it seems you are being ignored. A lot of it depends on the problem. I had one problem that took them 4 months to fix.

I have had good experiences with CS at all levels. The speed probably depends on their queue and the type of problem. I always give very short concise details. I make sure that the issues are also summarized in the last message or 2 of the communication. They don’t have time to read through 10 messages and figure out the situation.

Very easy to say as a TRS, @landongrace and I’m sure kissing butt has done wonders for your lips. However, I agree that clear and concise requests are always preferred. As a Creative Writer, I only write what I would want to read. KISS (Keep it Short & Simple).

To @steveeyes point, it should not take 4 months to fix a problem. Obviously I do not know the extent of the problem, but still, at least act like you care. Hospitality 101. The problem is not the message, it is the lack of interest in the customer service department.

If you expect your sellers to provide a high quality product/service with exceptional customer care, then you should at least see to it that they are equipped with the resources and support to maintain consistency and adrenaline to keep from burning out. I get more drained dealing with the lack of communication or interest from Fiverr Customer Service than actual customers. My customers are great!

@realtorwriter: Sorry to mislead you about loyalty. Fiverr will keep me here as long as it benefits them and I plan to stay as long as it benefits me. Things are really good right now. Things have been good at each level. We probably won’t be able to change the system, just keep figuring out how to make the system work better for you.

I’ve noticed this too. Only one support guy has always made me smile, but I haven’t gotten him to answer my tickets in many months. It seems like others don’t even read my tickets fully, and never provide answers to questions I have. They don’t even send the support review thingy afterwards, must be because I was not satisfied with the customer service I received. :confused:

@adsensewizard You have over 5K+ positive reviews, 100% positive feedback, and your most popular gig averages (I’m guessing) $50 per order. Holy smokes! Why are you not TRS?

Reply to @realtorwriter: As a TRS my experience with customer support has been mostly negative.

Usually when I have a problem with a buyer or the site itself, they either don’t read what I’ve written and send a nonsensical canned response or, worse, they lecture me about rules I haven’t broken. It’s weird, it’s annoying, it’s slow and I avoid writing to them at all costs.

I haven’t had any of your issues with customer service yet, but for the most part, my questions haven’t been about any serious order/payment issues so I might have gotten lucky so far, who knows!

What I do wonder about is the claim that higher rated sellers get better support and whether or not that’s true since I see people at the top and TRS complaining about it fairly often.

@jtengle Nothing worse than those canned responses. I called a guy out on it once, because it was so blatantly obvious and actually had nothing to do with my question.

I have a saying, “Customers care when you do.” I think Fiverr should adopt my philosophy, or find someone who understands how to increase value by recognizing hard work.

Reply to @realtorwriter: I think it’s the traffic category. It’s extremely hard to become a TRS with such a gig. Think there’s only one visible TRS in the category and that was granted when their gig already had about 15000 reviews if memory serves right.

But I too think 2-3k reviews should be enough for an instant top-rated rank, if they are mainly positive reviews.

Reply to @realtorwriter: The worst one was when I couldn’t withdraw my cleared funds. I wrote to them after a couple days to let them know. Their response?

"It’s important to remember that it is against Fiverr rules to ask for payment outside of Fiverr. Doing so can get your account banned."

Um, what?

Reply to @landongrace: Ditto that. Sure, I’ve gotten the canned response, but when I politely ask for a clarification, the rep always comes back with something more helpful/applicable. It’s not always timely, but I also haven’t ever had a real CS “emergency,” either. I find that invariably, if I’m just polite as heck, even when I’m having what I would consider a serious issue, I get much faster, more helpful replies.

@pfpgogo You are exactly right. It’s is a claim that does not hold true to its word. And, as you can tell by the feedback from other advanced sellers, the quality and level of support is just not there.


Don’t get me wrong, there are fantastic support reps like Vicky, Bob, and Fatima. I think the problem is that you don’t have enough of them and so you get other reps (names I will not mention) who just send canned responses because it’s easier. If there are three people on this platform who deserve an award, it’s them (from my experience).

Reward your hardest working employees and find other more useful areas for the people who are not genuinely interested in hospitality/ customer service.

I have to say… I read all these horror stories about Fiverr CS… and, knock on wood, I’ve not had to experience any of it. I’ve been here, coming close to 5 years now. I’ve had to deal with customer service a multitude of times - from people blatantly copying my gig (word for word with photo too), to a greyed out withdrawal method to issues dealing with clients. All in all, I’ve had nothing but good experiences.

In the beginning, I had an issue with an order being cancelled due to my lack of Internet because I was moving. Being new, I suppose they took pity on me, and deleted the comment. I once had an unfair feedback on my rewrite gig (being that I offered, at the time, 3 free revisions and never once asked for one to be done). When CS said they wouldn’t remove it, I didn’t argue. I just said okay, and took the opportunity to leave a feedback of my own regarding this buyer. It’s been over a year since that incident.

I guess it makes me one of the lucky ones… so far! I never get argumentative with them. It doesn’t do any good if you want help. I always start out with Good Day Fiverr CS. And then, I end it with me saying thank you for any help they can give me and to have a good day.

The one bad thing about the Internet is that even if you’re being nice, it can come across as sounding condescending. It’s all a matter of how the reader is feeling that day.

Reply to @emeraldawnn: This has been my experience as well. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with support. All of the complaints make me worry that the day something serious happens (like if my gigs were randomly suspended or something), it would be a nightmare lol