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Highest # of Impressions You Can Remember


Recently, my top gig hit 230 impressions in one day! It was super exciting to see something like this happen, and I can’t wait for all my hard work to cause even more impressions to roll in. What’s the highest # of impressions you can remember getting?

P.S. I also hit 20 reviews on one gig today! SOOO HAPPY!


Hey, congrats man!
I’m petty new to the site still and have made one gig recently, would you mind explaining shortly what exactly an impression is in the context of a gig on here?
I would assume it’s a review but since that’s a separate thing I’m confused…


Brayden - that is some seriously good going on the reviews - seems like only yesterday when I ordered and you have had 20 Reviews since then! Really good to see someone willing to learn and then work hard get the success you deserve.
Next target is 50 sales.
@writer99025 can I get a well done for “young” Brayden please? I think he has earned it and it will show the womenfolk that you/we are not jealous/worried about the youthful competition.


Definitely a well deserved ‘Well done!’ It’s nice to see hard working young people on this site. So much for the stereotype of the entitled generation!:blush:


Jesus Christ! (20 char)


No, just me - did the beard confuse you or was it the angelic dogs?
Come on, you can do better than that - give some credit where it is due or I am going to invite @gina_riley2 and the others to the thread so they can scold you


Looks like you have 21 reviews with 2 more in the queue! Congratulations, Braden!

I really enjoy seeing all the hard working sellers advance and doing amazing things on 5r. :grinning::grinning:

You’ll have to excuse @eoinfinnegan for misspelling your name :broken_heart: - wasn’t it last month when we had a thread about that?

Oh, and @writer99025 is a bit “tired” these days as you can see that he’s confused Eoin with Jesus. You’ll have to excuse him, I think rescuing birds, watching too much politics and being locked in his mansion has finally gotton to him. :wink:


The highest impressions I received was around 1500-1600! But uncle Fiverr decided to put a glitch on that gig and my gig price was shown 50$ instead of 5 and that turned off buyers. It was really my strong weapon gig. Then I went on vacation mode and impressions dropped down to 900 and are still dropping down.


I must admit that after so many years here I don’t really fully understand those “impressions”, “clicks” and “views” so I will just post it here for some of you Fiverr experts to please illuminate me

How can you know how many impressions you have in one day?