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Highest Ranked Gig disappeared after price change

Hello Guys!

I faced an issue yesterday…My gig was always at the top of the page in Digital Marketing Category. Yesterday I decided to update the pricing of my packages and clearly now I realized that was biggest mistake. My gig went off search after an hour or so and it came back live today but now it’s ranked extremely low in the ratings.

I contacted Customer Support but the response I got from them is that it happened based on my performance. I think they don’t understand the problem because clearly that’s not my performance.

If anyone has faced similar issue, please share your experience.

Thank you!


Since this happened to me, maybe it’s a sign that I need to take a little time off. I enabled vacation mode so I can modify my services but if you guys had this before, please share your experience.

I’ve had a similar experience and also found it mystifying.

How you were able to solve it?

I never solved it. My best gig is nowhere to be found since it happened.

Any luck yet? I have worked on fiverr exclusively in 2019 for 13+ hours daily and I had ‘fiverr’s choice’ badge for 3 gigs many times. Gigs were always on top and most of the times I was tired of managing new orders and now it’s at the VERY BOTTOM AND LAST. All 3 very active gigs (2 gigs not on top before) I’m sure fiverr is doing something strange. Why would they give us hope to build a career here and try to destroy it in 1 day?

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Same thing happened to me 4/5 months ago. I edited the price and time frame. Straight after that my gigs disappeared. I was on page 1 for very long time, maintained my position all that time. CS doesnt give a crap and will not help you, they know this issue very well but just ignoring it. I have sent many many msgs to CS but they ignore it. They said its your performance when my stats are all 100% and 4.9 ratings for past 1 year. I said to them lets say it is my performance then gig should go down like few rows or maximum 1 page down, instead of page 1 to page last which is around 100. On last pages there are gigs with 0 reviews or max about 10-20 reviews and 0 orders in queue. I asked the how the hell they are performing better than me, then they just ignored me.
Its been 5 months my gigs are still on last pages. Even though i completed many orders. Recently i contacted them to lift the restriction from my account and they said if you ask us 1 more time about this we will ban you, then they banned me for 15 days.
Bullshyt service!! one of the worst CS i ever came across, i do work on other platform where they treat you really good. Our here they only care about buyers, and treat sellers like a crap.
0% seller protection here. Spent days and night to work hard and reach that top position, then in 1 second they threw all the gigs to last page and did not give any reason for it.