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Highlight me as using multiple accounts

What if I got a second hand or used phone and someone else used their Fiverr on it and now if I reset the phone, login to my Fiverr and use to keep in touch. Will that highlight me as using multiple accounts??

The point is that I won’t be using multiple accounts from the same internet at the same time but the same device or internet could have been used in the past for Fiverr. I don’t want to risk it
Will that be an issue?

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You should reset any second hand phone you buy anyway…

So After reset Can I use My Fiverr Acc? is that 100% safe?

I just shared an idea. You have to judge how safe it is for yourself.

Should be reset and contact with support for better solution.

when you will reset your phone, your phone IP will be changed so no warry for used for Fiverr.

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