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Highly offensive voice over request

Good day all, I just received a 24 turn around request for the most offensive vocal script I have ever seen in Fiverr. Of course, I am going to refuse it, but I am concerned about my stats. I did not respond to a Buyer’s request, it just popped up this morning.

How should I best refuse it to not affect my stats negatively? I am not going to do this job either way.

Thanks for your thoughts.


That sounds most unpleasant.

Sadly whichever way you cancel it will affect your stats, but the best thing would be to send it to CS and see if they can cancel it for you.


Thank you. That sounds like a great way to go.

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If you are not comfortable with the script, just cancel it. Of course, it will hurt your stats but don’t compromise your moral beliefs or feel forced to do something you’re not comfortable in doing.

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Edit: I notified the Mods, so it was removed to comply with forum rules.


If they cancel it will affect the stats anyway.

Indeed it will, which is why I said:

Thanks for helping me out. This is my first time to post in this forum.


Ah, yes. But why then even ask cs?

Because they told me to go through them anytime to cancel despite the fact it would still hurt my stats.

You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to extend a warm Welcome to Fiverr & the Community! :tada:

We are a colorful bunch here, enjoy your stay and I encourage you to participate in the discussions. :sunglasses:

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As I remember (or mb I invented these thoughts by myself lol) some time earlier when I had to cancel an order I asked CS about it and they told me that mutual cancellation or cancellation by CS won’t hurt the ratings. Now it will affects rating anyway.
Tell me if I made up these thoughts myself.

You’re probably right - I think they had a change of mind about them not affecting sellers after a while.


Honestly, if I were you I’d do it and then put a disclaimer on the gig to prevent such orders from being placed again.

Same here, when they cancel the order it counts as a mutual cancellation which can be very helpful when you’re on a short timer or when the buyer isn’t taking no for an answer.

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Thanks, this tells me I need to firm up my disclaimer that I have always had. They just went right past it.

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I’m waiting to hear back from CS hoping it helps the entire process.


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Sorry to hear that…I don’t know if you have done this already but I suggest putting in bold in your gigs the types of content you refuse to do. It might help? I hope CS comes through for you! Good luck!

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