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Highly persuasive Marketing copy

Are you trying so hard to get massive amount of SALES through internet but you can not get the results you expect?

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Hello @nisha319

If I don’t get 1500% sales after buying your gig?

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You’ll get a refund.

Fiverr sales musn’t be conditional upon results, plus there is no way for you to track this unless you have access to sale records and are periodically tracking them. Under your rationale, all a seller would have to do is say “I didn’t get this result.” They could withhold results from you and under no obligation to prove results. And then you would refund them? With this kind of policy, you’re setting yourself up to be scammed, plus giving yourself extra administrative work.

Also, what you are proposing requires a contract within Fiverr that would say what the results are conditional upon, but there is no mechanism in Fiverr to put this into place. Why? Because the ToS and the system itself mean that the contract is a deliverable, NOT a result. To put your policy into place, you’d have to break the ToS.

This kind of policy is fine if you’re an agency, but it does not belong in a marketplace.


Okay. Thank you. I didn’t know there are scam buyers in fiverr. I am just trying to offer some guarantee for my work. So then anyone can work with me confidently.

There are scammers everywhere and also people who just don’t know what they’re doing and will hold you responsible. You have to protect yourself.

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