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Hii dears, I've an order form last 3 weeks and buyer is still posting revisions to my deliver

My buyer just suddenly changed the requirements and said to do the extra work also he is not accepting my order and posting revision when i deliver my work. Is there any way to stop him and charge an extra amount when he revises the order. I’m losing my delivery time every day just because of him.

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Yes. When he requests a revision that is not included in the original order, you need to send a message telling them that and create a Custom Offer for them.

Tell me you do not have “unlimited revisions” on your Gig? If you do, this is a mess of your own making.


Is there any way to stop with my Gig settings?

No, unfortunately. Stand your ground, offer an extra for a reasonable fee … and quote this from the terms of service:

“Requesting to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.”

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Actually i quoted. But he is just mad i think. On the other hand fiverr support is not connecting me from last 5 days. What should i do now?

Wait. CS is taking anything up to 10 days to respond right now. Be patient - they’ll get to you.

Yeah Thanks for your time!

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So what should i call you Sir :smile:

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Haha Don’t worry. I just did that for comedic purposes. But yeah contact CS! They will surely help out.

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It happened to me with one of my buyer. He was misbehaving to get extra work. I reported about him in CS. He got warning. He sent me message that he got warning :stuck_out_tongue: I was happy. What type of buyer he was don’t know. he ordered a gig of 150$ and asking me to buy 400$ products for him it’s quite funny. I
don’t know what kind of fun it was. Some broken buyer begs . Don’t worry Fiverr CS are here to resolve those issues.


Thank you so much Dear… Ohh sorry Sir. :smile:

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