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Hii guyz I am new here

Hlw my guys I am new here. Can we be friends ?
I don’t like to work alone:grin::grin::grin:


With participation on these forums, you might just make some new friends. However, you’re on your own as a freelancer, when it comes to working and earning a strong seller reputation. We are all independent sellers, who have our own gigs and services to manage and promote. :slight_smile:


Ow. How can I make new friends?
Would you like to be my friend?:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I am happy to communicate with others here on the forum. I am not, however, available to become a “friend” who helps you, personally, become successful. That is your responsibility, not mine. :wink:


Your fellow sellers are also your competition and here to make money.


Awww, you just crushed his heart. :broken_heart:


I’ll be your friend.

Some of the regulars on here can be particularly dismissive and obnoxious to newbies.

What do you do? What brought you to Fiverr?

Don’t be sad. We’re already friends. My comment doesn’t apply to you. :wink:


The forum regulars (veteran sellers) that I know aren’t available to be indefinite personal coaches to new sellers who want step-by-step outlines so that they don’t have to do any work (i.e., riding the coattails of those who have already become successful). And I can say this with certainly – on a personal level – because I get frequent messages from “new sellers” all the time, asking me do do things for them that they can learn to do for themselves.

I, for one (as a regular forum user you referenced) am happy to be friendly and helpful on this forum, however, I choose my long-term friends carefully. And I am unlikely to be “friends” with people who just want something from me… as is often the case (in my experience) with newbie sellers here on the forums.

As to your comment about some regular forum users being “obnoxious”, that is merely a personal opinion… and probably a bit offensive to those regular forum users of whom you speak. We’re here to help and interact with people, not become best buddies with new sellers.