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Hii i'm mubeenadrees i need order in graphic designer


how i can get my first order please some body help me
i’m graphic designer and i have a lot of experience in designing
Mubeen Ahmed


What are you doing to reach out to the people who need your services? if you are not marketing and promoting your design services to the people who need your design services, how do you expect to receive orders?

Fiverr is not an easy site, nor a get-rich-quick website. Goals and hard work to reach those goals WILL BE REQUIRED. You’ve got a lot of work to do. Now might be a good time to get started. :wink:


@mubeenadrees friend don’t worry! if you have lot of experience you will get many many order soon. just send proper and suitable request ti client!



@mubeenadrees Very true, if your work is solid, you will get offers, it might take a bit, but don’t give up hope :wink:


yes you are right i’m agree with you
you are realy talking about that right


i’m so happy my friend sweet2 i hope i will success one day thankss a lot


yes i will remember it always


Sure @mubeenadrees you will success soon. just be patient.
this time I have increase my bulk order. I think it is a result of patient.


yes try try again one day you will successed right na


i’m just wait and watching


thanks for increase my hope and also courage