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Hii please help me my gig is denied but I don't understand why

Hii everyone, I am a new seller and had created my gig a day ago and it was pending approval until just now. Fiverr messaged me that my gig is denied because my images aren’t original. However, all my images are absolutely original and drawn by myself. What should I do to tell Fiverr about this? Thanks.


I think there has nothing to do, just delete it and create new one.


Thanks for your reply.:bowing_woman: May I ask if you think I should clarify that my works are original to Fiverr?

You definitely should.

Don’t try to create new gig with the same images, best case it will be denied again, word case your gig might be removed with a warning.

You’d better contact Fiverr Support team with all your source files and ask them to approve it as all images are your original work


You can make the gig again without the previous image. Use new image. Don’t be use iillegal
content the gig image.

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You should remove the image which you are using at this time. You are saying that you have drawn all of your images by your self. But I think you have copied ideas from other’s images or you might use some elements by taking from google or other’s image.

Remove the image and try to create a more accurate and original image.


thanks for all you reply.I hope they approve my gig later.:ok_woman:

@trieliever02 You should contact CS and explain things. and meanwhile, you should create another gig but with different images, don’t use same images again.

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Okay, I will do this right now. Thanks!!

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