Hiii Friends I want to know about fiverr how it works?


Friends I want to know about fiverr i am new in this site & i want to work & earn money by working for clients can anyone tell me how to get works from here. How it works ??



First welcome to Fiverr.

To start, I would recommend looking at the gigs that are doing well so far. Once that is done, you can judge yourself if you can offer the same or similar services. If you feel you have the skill to sell on Fiverr create a gig and see what you got.

To create a gig, on the main fiverr pages mouse over your name in the upper right

Select "My Sales"

From there select My Gigs

And create a new gig.

Make sure however you fill it appropriately, and do NOT coppy verbatum what another seller has on his/her gig.

From there give it 24 hours or so to see the volume of page impressions (Times it shows on a page during searches)

How many Clicks you had (People actually checking your gig out)

and so forth. Create multiple gigs of different types to see if that helps at all…

I wish you the best and hope it works well for you.


Thank for Advice