Fiverr Community Forum frendsss

I m new on Fiverr so plz msg me in inbox and let’s be frend on Fiverr family :heart:


Hi there buddy… Welcome to fiverr family… Its a magical place to be…


Thank u shivathmaj :slight_smile:

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And yeah buddy i by mistakely violated few rules so im facing issues… Make sure u read fiver terms and services so ull be a best fiver seller… All the best


Ok brother I will…:+1:

Welcome from fiverr forum. I wish you good luck on your future projects. What is your area of expertise?

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This is the best advice I’ve seen so far today - read the terms of service.

The answers to nearly all the questions asked in this forum can be found in the TOS.

It is your guide to avoiding account warnings.

Account warnings can result in suspension from Fiverr.


Welcome to fiverr…

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As a Virtual assistant bro and thnks for good wishes…:smiley:

I m waiting for red dot next to message name :joy::joy::joy: nd what’s about u guys ???