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Hilarious use of Social Media


The most naive (I don’t want to use the word ‘stupid’) advice we come across a lot here on the forum is ‘share your gig on Social Media’.

This is the same as telling somebody who wants how to play the piano to buy a piano.
The mere fact that you have a piano doesn’t make you a piano player.
Same thing with social media. The fact that you have an account Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. doesn’t mean that you are able to utilize these platforms in a way that you can monetize them in any way and don’t look like a fool if you try.

The reason that I write this post is the following:
I just noticed that a Fiverr user started following me on Twitter. When I saw the stolen logo from Electronics Art (EA) I had a closer look at this user. I discovered that it was Fiverr seller with quite a naive gig, something that can everybody do themselves in a couple of minutes without spending a dime. But this is another topic.

So I had a look at his tweets and saw that the only tweet he sends is a link to his gig. Every couple of hours or so. Always the same tweet.

Serious? I wonder who is telling all this poor guys that it works that way. Really, there seems to be a myth that says: "Create a gig, no matter what. Spam a link to it all over the web and next month you will be rich."
Sorry, my dear smartphone zombies. It doesn’t work that way.

If you want to make successful use of your SM platforms in order to thrive your business you have to face the inconvenient truth that you have to put at least the same (if not more) effort into your SM campaign as you put into your gig itself.

This all takes time. A lot of it. Go and visit the Youtube channel of Gary Vaynerchuk and absorb his content. This guy really knows how to handle all the platforms the right way. And/or get a copy of one of his books, like “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” [Link to Amazon removed - Copy and paste the title and search Amazon or elsewhere for it]
I read this one myself and it’s really killer content. You will never look at SM in the same way when it comes to promote your business.

Most important: stop fooling yourself.


Pinned because as the OP says, “share your gig on Social Media” is one of the most common pieces of advice on the forum - how to actually do that effectively is rarely shared.


I’m not an expert on this but it seems that Youtube offers the best platform for some types of gigs. Having a Twitter account is where you will find thousands of people just like you, offering what you offer, trying to get business, just like you. But it really all depends on what you are offering.

With Youtube you have the benefit of knowing anyone who arrives at your video got there by actively searching for what you offer, unlike on other platforms.

It is tricky to get an audience or following for most types of gigs that are offered on fiverr, and that’s really what you need to make social media work.


In terms of promoting my gigs I don’t use any platform. I actually don’t promote my gigs at all anywhere.

I know some of the people who visit my channels, but the majority I don’t know. But again, this has nothing to do with Fiverr gigs.


Yes I would hope some who say always to use social media can give some details.
If someone is a writer on fiverr for example how are they going to use social media to promote their gigs?

Or for anything really. As you said, simply putting links to your fiverr gigs on social media at random doesn’t do any good. MAYBE if you have some kind of following…

Ads on facebook will work if you know exactly how to use this and have a big budget. It’s not that easy to do it right.


You can also have a look at Seth Godin (goggle him). He wrote also a ton of interesting books on the matter.
I’ve read some of his books and consumed a ton of his video’s and other contents. So its not just throwing names here.


Absolutely true. It’s all about being creative. I get a lot of customers from my serial on wattpad. I write about the memoir writing process and this brings a ton of memoir clients to Fiverr, from the link posted in the book.
I think the best way to use social media is to provide valuable content. It’s been working for me on wattpad :slight_smile:

But just posting links and spamming people doesn’t provide any value, and people are likely to just scroll right by.


Yes exactly right. They need to be coming to your social media because you are providing some information they want.


You nailed it :wink: (20 characters)


I post twice a week in author Facebook groups and on author/writer message boards. I don’t spam, I am an active member. I talk about books and the writing process. I know my sh*t, because I’ve been working in this field for 20 years. Spamming Facebook and groups won’t work, you have to take time and commit.

I don’t do anything that would jeopardize my reputation. I don’t spam or randomly post advertisements. I do a lot for free for members of the writing community. Over 60 percent of my sales are from people who start their message saying “I’ve heard great things about you from xxx”. This word of mouth sales is why I don’t worry about Fiverr search, or SEO, or spamming people to buy my gig. I have great customers and they spread the word for me.

Taken from the post below


I haven’t shared anything on SM. My offerings would be meaningless to 99% of my SM friends. No, make that 100%. I do send an Mailchimp email blast every couple of weeks to my 150-or-so outside clients and that always scores me an order or two. For them, it’s relevant.


Personally I think “use social media” is a very good advice, since if you do it correctly it becomes very effective.

I have told many people here that they should use it to promote their gigs, but I have not told them how. Why? Because I feel like IF they are serious about business they will go figure out themselves. There are plenty of people who posts stuff on blogs an youtube sharing their stories on how they created business or a group of followers using the social media. And yes, it took a VERY long time for all of them to reach a certain level of success.

I’m sure I personally will continue to tell people to use social media if they ask how to promote their gigs. They also have the option of starting with the people around them, or if they are a college student, post stuff on the campus bulletin board. But if you want to reach an international audience, go online. It IS a great tool I think. How they use it is up to them, and all the instructions are available online. It’s just going to take a long time to find the right one and read through all of them. If they think there’s too much to go through, maybe they can take a seminar course or something and learn how to promote.

In other words you need to put in both time and money anyways!
That’s business though.


That’s true, but I also think that points to a failure in today’s world cultures. It’s kind of ridiculous that you can expertly tell someone a bad product or service is good, and they will agree. Equally ridiculous is the fact that people refuse to actually make a decision without it being forced on them by advertising. What you provide should be more important to the potential client than how great you tell them it is.

@mariokluser Honest question: so you have looked into social media as a marketing tool… and decided it’s not right for you for Fiverr? Or it’s not cost/time effective? I’m not trying to be rude - I think it would be helpful if we knew why you do not.


I think that most of what people are going to find is not the ‘right’ way, though. If good marketing info was free, why would there be firms who sell that service to clients for vast amounts of money? They surely won’t tell anyone how it works, because then they and all the people that depend on them will lose their livelihood.

I think that most, if not all, of the information that comes up on the internet is going to either be 1) wrong, or 2) useless, because a good marketing idea only works if not everyone else on the planet is doing it too. Seminars and classes are probably going to be combinations of #1 and #2 that other people have found.

For instance, I read about how Mr. Dell (Dell computers) got his start. He cheated and lied. I’m not going to do that.


Wow, THAT I did not know!! (reminds me of the history of Mc Donalds…)


People go to great lengths with marketing and dishonesty. I was reading something recently about marketing (that’s not what the article said, but that’s in essence what it was referring to) with Westinghouse vs. Edison. I really hope it’s not true, because it makes them sound both pretty bad. Here’s what it said (shortened considerably):

Westinghouse promoted AC power and Edison promoted DC. A person contacted Edison about using electricity for executions. Edison didn’t like that, but the guy kept bugging him, so he told this guy " I think you might be interested in contacting Mr. Westinghouse…" The idea being that when it worked (the execution) Westinghouse’s AC would look bad (“it kills people really easily!”) and Edison’s DC would get chosen as the default for electricity supply. When Westinghouse figured it out, he hired a really good lawyer to try to get the convicted murderer off, so AC wouldn’t be associated with the electric chair. In the back and forth, the details were forgotten, with the end result that it didn’t work right and the person was still alive at the end (after being electrocuted). Not a nice story by any means.

I think part of my problem is I’m unwilling to go as far as some people do, and am too late to get attention any other way. Just look at the current U.S. President. Part of the “marketing” for his campaign was the fact that he got so much attention on Twitter. I can’t be like that (nor would I want to).

I will say that I know if you’re fast and good at tying in with what other people are talking about, and provide something meaningful, you probably have a chance.

P.S. People, no political discussion is intended, it’s just to point out someone who clearly gets a lot of attention with social media (we can all agree on that).


I use social media, just not for Fiverr, as my gigs here are not my main business.


Nice Helpful topic…thanks