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Hindi, Urdu, Languages and Ancient Gum - Discuss


Bhai, don’t get so tense. Just keep doing good work, things will take care of themselves. Outrage honay sey kya fayda? Apna kaam kartey raho, khush rahon. Aur bhi bahut gum hain zamaaney mein.

Mod Note: This topic was created from the derailment of another thread. It is being kept due to the mild entertainment, educational and humor value that it contains.

How to become TRS Seller - two method!

Google Translation:

Outrage What’s the use? Keep your work, happy am. And are also very ancient gum.

I would like to know more about this ancient gum. I don’t really care about the TRS thing for reasons that others have outlined above. I got it when I was at 800, HTH. I didn’t care before I got TRS about TRS either, which is probably a nice and healthy attitude to have, no?

The payment thing is really not a big deal, unless your financial management is appalling. If that’s the case, then perhaps you should focus on that rather than the intricacies of a company’s internal cherrypicking of “top sellers”.


Yes! We should vote for free ancient gum for all sellers regardless their level :slight_smile:


LOL…that means there is a lot to worry about in life, don’t fret over such little things. “Gum” means sadness in Hindi. By the way did you see my negative review yet?


OMG This is hilarious.

@fast_editing Well as @frank_d said, if everybody become a TRS, The charm of having that badge will be gone. So let this be in hands of Fiverr Team. Also the Buyer’s Reviews are somehow a vote for the seller’s work.



The proper Hindlish spelling of “Gum” should be “Gham”.



Exactly. But most of indians cant pronounce that “H” in gham just like “h” in Khan.


Yeah, Hindi and Urdu are similar, but very different too.


Not very similar. The pure hindi is really really difficult and different. The one we hear now in movies and dramas is a more of Hindi+Urdu complex…

( I guess we are hijacking the thread :confused:)


Pure hindi is similar Saraiki Language


Yeah, even I can’t speak pure Hindi or pure Kannada (my language)…am only good at colloquial Hindi/Kannada.


Pure Hindi and Bangla is very similar.
And the reason is because both is derived from SANKSRIT.

I better understand DURDARSHAN news than I understand what is shown on Zee Tv etc.


Hey, it’s all Greek to me! (@emmaki will surely relate to that)



And this is how threads get hijacked :stuck_out_tongue:


FYI, Emma isn’t greek btw.


I know, neither am I. :slight_smile:


oh Relly… are you also from the East India Co.?


@writer99025 @djgodknows I don’t know about you guys, but I guess urdu is more simple and easy than the other ones. What you say? Do you guys understand it if you watch a urdu movie or drama?


Carson City, NV actually. :slight_smile:


High Five :raised_hand: