Hire a devoted and hard worker Virtual Assistant


Hello everyone, I am Serban and I would like to present here my best seller gig.
I am a devoted and hard worker Virtual Assistant and I can help you finish your boring tasks, I can accomplish almost any kind of task as I am a fast learner too.

I am very organised so it won’t be a problem if you fill my inbox with lots of reminders, I will make sure to remind you every time you need.
I am also honest, I respect my customers money and I will do as many revisions are needed if I feel it’s well deserved, I work with passion and love, I never get bored or something because I love what I do.

I use Google Drive so all your files, tasks, photos, documents etc will be stored online in your personal folder, a well organised one, so you will can quickly check and track everything about your order.
I love to work with people so feel free to send as much messages you would like to, I always reply to my customers, I love to create a connection with everyone

I am also selling online courses such as face reading, interview tips and tricks, and study guides
But I am here to promote my Virtual Assistant gig so here it is:

If you are interested in something, don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to help you!

Best regards,