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Hire Me As An Executive Advisor

I’ve been with Fiverr since the start in 2010, inaugural TRS, represented the site on TV, even offered two featured gigs until 2012 when one was removed on the notion that it was unfair for me to have two. My suggestions have made their way into Fiverr, elevating the site significantly. The input I have offered is proven to be worth more than the $5 in daily sales I’m attracting this summer.

If you’re interested in staying at the top, wouldn’t it make sense to have someone with experience selling on Fiverr calling shots? If not, then go ahead and keep changing the site based on vague surveys and the notions of business grads who wouldn’t be caught dead offering a service for $5.

Hi Vaughn, it’s those business grads who would be allowing you to call the shots so not likely they will hand over the reigns to you. [-(
I would love to hear your suggestions btw.


I appreciate you! Thanks for your contributions!

Putting people down who would be doing the hiring at the end of your pitch above is probalby not a wise thing. It was all good up until the last line…never insult the company you want to be working for, only demonstrate your value and what you have to offer.

If there is an opening it would be here:.

You would probably need to live in Tel Aviv, New York, Chicago or San Francisco. Either way, I think you’d need to apply instead of posting on the forum. Good luck!

Reply to @misscrystal: instructions to buyer. Yep, that was one of my suggestions.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I check in on occasion, but there’s never an opening for someone with my skillset. Sure they want people doing customer service or finding community partners for a cross-promotion contest, but no real interest in improving the Fiverr experience to sellers.

Reply to @sincere18: by keeping it real, I’m showing that I’m not some “yes man” brownnoser, and I even identified the problem.

Reply to @vaughnonmovies: But when you are cold calling on a company for a job, you don’t go calling the names and putting them down. Identifying a problem and offering a solution is one thing, making rude comments is another.