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Hire My Mom(Or my dad!) To Do Your Drafts

My parents are now both retirees from the architectural industry and switched to a new career when we migrated to a small town. I find them missing their old jobs before, especially my mom as she stays at home most of the time now. My parents have worked in the industry for 20 years(since right after they graduated university) and are very well-known in their field. As a child, I’ve seen how good and well-respected they were. Both of them have closedly worked with each other throughout the years and been made project managers for a long time. They have mentored students and helped them get in the steel detailing industry. Most of their projects come from US, Canada, Australia, UK and Southeast countries.

Now that they’re retired on that field, I just wanna be able to give them the chance to relive that moment. They can do your drafting jobs, modeling, steel detailing. They’re very well-versed with AutoCAD and Tekla.

I told my dad to make a fiverr account but he hasn’t gotten around to it yet. He actually wants to try it out. If you have any job for them, message me and I will refer you to them. You can also ask for their resume. Cheers!

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