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Hire the Best ***** experts (New page on Fiverr linked to the skills tests ?)

I have just clicked on the skills section of a seller profile and was redirected to this page:

We can find similar pages for other skills:

Is it a new feature? It seems that all these sellers have passed a test with a high score.

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Dear @carineb Yeah! Its a fiverr new features :slightly_smiling_face: They applied it because after seeing the exam test score buyer can take a easily decision. Who’s are actually expert!
Thank you!

Hi @carineb,

It has nothing to do with taking/passing any kind of test. If you click on any skill on any profile, you’ll get redirected to the tag you clicked on.

Needless to say that this redirect is also flawed… :roll_eyes:

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What’s interesting is that if you scroll down the rows of sellers with good scores at those text, you’ll get a new row with the header

Don’t Take Our Word For It
What other buyers had to say about working with our freelancers

which displays profiles with one great buyer review below, only it’s completely different sellers than in the rows above with the recommendations and in the example I clicked for US language, those sellers most definitely aren’t

Hire The Best English Spelling Us Experts
Find the most talented english spelling us experts in Fiverr to bring your ideas to life.

They seem to have mixed that up or it’s bug.

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I have just checked different profiles. When I click on a skill with a green tick (the seller has passed the test), I am redirected to a page with 16 profiles. When I check these 16 profiles, I can see that they have all passed the test (I see the score or the green tick if they have decided to hide the score).

When I click on a skill without green tick, I am redirected to a page "Hire the best…’ with 16 profiles but none of them has passed the test.

It seems that Fiverr wants to promote the “best experts” but the developer has not finished his job!

These skills tags are not category related but test related.

When someone has taken a test and passed, Fiverr adds it as a tag to the seller’s skills section with the green check mark so, when clicking on any of this added skills, you’ll be redirected to the tag related page (e.g. English to French) showing those 16 sellers that took that same test and Fiverr added it to their skills, but that doesn’t mean all of them belong to your category. It just means that they took that particular test.

In your skill tag “English to French” I can see at least 2 sellers that took that same test as you but have nothing to do with writing, translation or whatever. Their categories are graphics, marketing, logo, etc.

You for instance, appear on the “Don’t Take Our Word For It” section next to another seller who has taken the same test but is related to consulting and internet.

This explanation is also true to the skills that are not tagged by Fiverr but by the seller. If you click on your Amazon Seo skill, you’ll be also redirected to a page showing “Hire The Best Amazon Seo Experts” and “Don’t Take Our Word For It”.