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Hired a not so good logo designer

I hired this contractor because I was amazed on the sample works listed on his portfolio. I provided all the details of my desired logo. After 24 hours, he submitted samples. I asked for some revisions since I am not convinced about the output. I paid for his effort but gave a bad review.

“The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients.”
-Matthew Odgers,

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Hired a not so good logo designer


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Do you really expect to get a great logo for 5$?
That’s amazing to expect something amazing for a bargain price and still go through trouble of creating forum profile and complain here on how 5$ didn’t bring back quality work.

If you are ordering something for 5$ you really need to have an understanding that you basically gambling and if you didn’t get what you wanted, we’ll it’s your fault that you decided to gamble.

Your seller didn’t deliver what you wanted, you left him a review that he deserves. So what’s the point of posting it here on the forum?