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Hiring a developer for a wordpress website

I’m a total newbie I’ll admit, but some help would be greatly appreciated. I plan on outsourcing some website work to developers on Fiverr (of which there are many). Anyway, I don’t understand what the standard procedure is with regards to a developer sending their website work? For instance if I ordered an e-commerce site, would I have to buy the wordpress program myself in order to access the website e.g. to add new products over time? Or in order to e.g. add new content such as a blog post myself after I pay a designer for creating the website.

If anyone could me out I’d be very happy!

Thanks for reading

First of all, wordpress is a free platform. But you will have to purchase domain and hosting. You may take help of developer if you are not sure how to do that.

Wordpress is a platform which can be handled very easily and people get website created on it so that they can handle it themselves. So, yes! Developer will just get site ready for you and you will have to make new blog posts.

Hope it helps!