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Hiring Cheaper contractors from outside UK USA and Europe

Hi Just started on Fiverr with my first project looking to hire high quality, intellegent but also cost effective contractors from places such as ********* not limited to. Anyone had some good experience going this route. Also is there a way to search by country for hiring contractors. Thanks !

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Here, this should help.

In order for what you want to work out you have to lose money first. For one thing you need you would have to hire 3-5 sellers and find the one that delivered as per your vision and mark them as favorite and save them, but also respect others (ordering and cancelling is not appreciated).
It will take some time until you find someone who is willing to work the quality you want at the budget you want.


I have one of those images of my own

I have avoided this topic until now as the response would not be as nice as your cool graphic @marinapomorac

The more intelligent, skilled, and capable the person, the less willing they will be to work below universal pricing. The less…

Why not find people who have honor and work with them (without putting pressure on their honor via pricing).



Yes there’s a search filter on the search page to search that way (though I don’t think it’s meant to be used for that). Though a better way if you just wanted to search for cheaper gigs would be to put a min & max price in the budget search filter (since sellers from any country might have what you want at your budget).

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Unicorns&Fools :smiley: I love your graphic.
And it reminds of a prize wheel, which is especially relevant online too.

I’d add that the possibility of encountering Unicorns and/or fools is probably highly reduced, depending on what services exactly you’re seeking. The garbage percentage might be far higher.


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