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Hiring for a sales task?


Hey all,
I have a task available for someone in a particular country to approach certain businesses to sell them a listing. I was wondering if this is something that I could use Fiverr for? Due to budget constraints, the pay would have to be based on results.

I am not sure whether this is actually allowed, where I should post such gigs and how to do it.


It depends on the country. If there are enough sellers on Fiverr, then some might go for it.
You can do a search on Fiverr and limit the results to the specific country or you can put up a buyers request.

Yeah, this might not fly here especially considering that Fiverr requires you to make a full deposit upfront.

And it depends on what you consider as results.
For example, I revamp websites and I always do my best to provide my clients an effective online solution, but if a client doesn’t get any sales through that site then it’s not my concern. I will still get paid.


Thanks for your response.

Basically, result = a sale. When a client pays for the product, the seller gets a fee.


From seller’s point of view it doesn’t sound very appealing.
I would understand if a seller gets a base fee and a bonus from every sale, but spending hours or days on trying to sell something and if the product sucks then you won’t get paid. I’m not saying it does, but the seller you hire really has to believe in your product to agree to this.

You write blog posts. So would you accept a job where the clients say “Write me a blog post about my product and if I make sales you’ll get paid”?

That being said, there’s a seller for every buyer, so if you look hard enough you might find a seller.
I wish you the best of luck.

All I’m saying is that if you change your payment model then it will be more likely to get a good seller.