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His stunt definitely backfired!

Remember that stunt that world famous youtube star pulled?

Well, turns out there are consequences:

Maybe fiverr sellers who got banned because of him should message disney to unban him? :slight_smile:

But wait! There’s more!


I liked watching this guys video when I had nothing better to do, I hadn’t seen the other jokes he posted but when I saw the one that got him banned, I simply found his videos not amusing anymore. Now I would rather watch paint dry.

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I don’t blame them for that.
I don’t get the attraction he has.

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It’s a big world out there… don’t try to understand it…did you know every person in the Kardashian-Jenner family is a multimillionaire? The youngest, 19-year old Kylie Jenner is worth $10 million. All self-made wealth. Let that sink in.

And in India the average farmer earns $75 per month.

Anything passes for entertainment now.


Funny guy did a stupid thing and is getting the consequences that go along with that.
Who would have thought that being viral was not always a good thing although I somehow doubt that this drop in income will mean he needs to go ask Jesus for his $500 back.


Did the fiverrs who made the video violate some aspect of TOS? Is there some rule about not working with or producing what could be seen as hate speech?

“Don’t get caught”. Which is a bit difficult if 6m people see it on one of the biggest websites in the world!

This actually started me watching PDP again. He can be quite entertaining, and I’m enjoying his anti-YT bent lately. Plus, I can’t be the only one who enjoyed how it upstaged Fiverr’s own edgy campaign.

I’m sure he’ll find another sponsor–this might have been a bit cupid as far as stunts go, but he’s still very bankable and who knows, maybe being free of tedious Disney constraints, he’ll get even more edgier.

But like, better at it than Fiverr.

I didnt get banned but I was on that video lol
I truly think he thought they were not going to do it, and yes it was a pretty “bad joke”.
Good thing is that those who were banned are back now, and I am sure he will be fine.

Well, you can’t do anything that’s illegal, and hate speech is illegal in most countries.

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Is it hate speech if it’s an “internet joke” (no matter how poor the taste–and let’s face it, internet humor is rarely in good taste!) though? It’s all about the intent: someone coming right up into your face and screaming “nasty words” is very different to “nasty words lol I’m being ironic”

Of course, it could be said that the latter is just as bad as it normalizes statements that go beyond the pale while making members of that group feeling attacked/isolated, especially if there is a long history of decidedly unfunny persecution/bad times for that group.

The statement was so horrible that it was shock humor. I think we know he didn’t actually advocate what was said but the idea of 1. using those poor innocent men that way and 2. using such an abhorrent statement for his own attention seeking and aggrandisement makes him despicable.

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@emmaki I guess that it depends on the definition of hate speech (and then there might be lawyers and courts, to decide whether it was a lousy joke or something that’s actually illegal, and things become even more messy).

For Fiverr (and sellers and buyers deciding what’s allowed or not) it might come to “could be seen as…”. Could it be seen as hate speech? Certainly. Is it really? They better kick you out, just in case.

Rightfully so. He could have destroyed the livelihood of those fiverr sellers in the video if Fiverr hadn’t unbanned them.
Not to mention that we now know cancellations have an impact on our ranking, and the sellers who rejected his orders would have been penalized.
He encouraged a lot of smaller youtubers to follow his lead and I’ve personally had an influx of stupid orders from young teenage boys.

@alliemadison12 Fortunately, I didn’t get orders, but I did get inquiries about stuff that would definitely be risky.


I’d say, it’s been a long time coming.

There are great Youtubers out there, whether it’s in the gaming community or elsewhere. How this annoying guy screaming at video games (last time I checked, years ago) garnered such a following, I’ll never know.

Yes the heartstone part! Did Fiverr take down the gig or you removed it? Also did that video affect your sales?