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History search is temporarily disabled

Does everyone have a message that the history search of orders is temporarily disabled?
I hope it gets fixed soon.

Its a nice feature. Any admin can put some light on its current status?

I have the same message. I don’t think there is anything to offer on status except exactly what the message says. Fiverr is usually pretty slow about fixing non-critical stuff (and sometimes more critical stuff) so I doubt it will get attention soon unless it’s a quick fix.

I would suggest to remove the text completely until its replaced… It was handy for me to use it for a quick link to see how I got along with those customers who I haven’t worked with for some time.

I really would like it back soon…

I would love to have this feature back. It is such a handy option. Please fix it fast.

I have to ask each buyer if he has ordered before.

Doesn’t it show on the top of the message thread with that buyer?

The previous orders yes, but if there is no recent conversation you have to search for the user and it adds more steps and typing in keywords or the name of the user

Not for me. When I get a new order I have no idea if that buyer has ordered before.

Below the message box on the order page it says something like “View discussion with BuyerName in your inbox or click here to mutually cancel the order”. Clicking on “discussion” takes you to “Conversation with BuyerName” in the inbox; even if the buyer has never messaged you before, you can still see the number of orders that the buyer has purchased from you.

Or is it different for you?

No nothing like that at all on my order pages.