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Hit a New Personal Record Today

When I started doing Fiverr, I said that I would be happy to make a couple hundred dollars a month at it. For the first time ever today I broke $1,000 for the month. I am so amazed that every month the numbers keep getting higher, and I get repeat customers. I have ran my own business for years, and struggled to make that in the past. Fiverr is really awesome and I am so happy!!

Hope that encourages you out there to keep pressing in for more.

–Millian, Fiverr: DominionFire


way to go! i remember the $20 dollar days where we used it to buy gas now am able to pay my house payment. Set higher goals and you will pass them :slight_smile: just checked out your gig and bookmarked them.

Great Congratulations!

Well done, I love to hear stories like this. As marketing experts, we came on Fiverr to help people out, just thinking we would do a couple of gigs here and there, now being a member of Fiverr for nine months and only really being active for less than eight months, we will today break 1000 orders.

It is great when people do so well on Fiverr, keep up the good work.

Fantastic! Good for you~!